Welcome to the ScottCares Foundation!


Embrace the Arts

Welcome to the Scott Cares Foundation


Every year we meet groups of amazing students from Forsyth, Davie and Guilford County. We met students that have dedicated four years cultivating their art. The results are outstanding. It is truly a blessing to be able to come together and celebrate this creative potential.

Our ScottCares Scholarship recipients are very special to us. You can tell these students have a network of people in their corner pushing them into a direction of excellence. The commitment to the work and the passion to the idea is the common thread that ties these students together. They have been able to pinpoint their talent, while never losing sight of the goal.

Remember in your quest for excellence; don’t be afraid to help those on the way. When you do that you will become the change agents past generations spoke about.

May God continue to move your Spirit. May He guide you through the hard times and make your good times last forever.

Thank you all that has supported our mission in making dreams possible.

Yours in ScottCares Service,

Scott Abdul-Salaam
President/ Founder


Our Pillars

The ScottCares Foundation has four pillars that we stand firmly on to help us drive our mission. Each pillar represents an area that we hold dear to our hearts, and provide support of whether it’s through our enrichment programs, awards and honors, or through volunteer service hours to the community. Those pillars are: • Arts • Education • Technology • Community Service

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