Welcome to the ScottCares Foundation!



What is the mission of ScottCares?

The ScottCares Foundation’s mission is to embrace the arts while teaching and promoting computer literacy and technology.

In what way does the ScottCares Foundation embrace the arts?

We embrace the arts by providing scholarships to college-bound high school seniors who will major in the Arts. We also create programs that allow people, particularly our youth, to showcase any artistic/ creative talent they may have, whether it be the Arts: singing, dancing, poetry reading, playing an instrument, or showcasing dramatic skills, Technology or Service to Humanity (i.e. our Step Shows, Summer programs, Mentorship, International Outreach, etc…)

In what way does SCF teach and promote computer literacy and technology?

We teach and promote computer literacy through our partnerships and summer camps. Summer camps are provided to children at a young age to help them with their hand and eye coordination, and to help them become comfortable with computers and other technology. We also reach out to our mature adults who may be afraid to use technology such as computers, ATM machines, the Internet, etc. Our goal is to help them feel comfortable with using technology, yet, show them how these skills can bring ease to their lives and connect them to the world.

When was SCF founded, by whom and why?

Mr. Scott Abdul-Salaam founded SCF in 2005. Scott, for whom the Foundation’s namesake exist under, felt the need to create a non-profit organization that would meld two of his passions together (Art and Technology), but have it work in concert that it would help advance and benefit the community in a way to promote entrepreneurship in our youth; promote teaching and learning of the arts and technology, and provide support of those with the same passions.

Are there others involved in ScottCares?

Yes! The SCF is made up of young professionals from various backgrounds in the areas of the arts, education, technology, communications, marketing, etc. Anyone who shares a passion for our mission, and is dedicated to making our mission a reality can be a member of ScottCares, in addition to other membership criteria.

How do I become a member?

Email your request to: info@scottcaresnc.org

Mail your request to our North Carolina or Atlanta Georgia office:

     PO Box 30421                                                                               PO Box 42097

     Winston Salem, NC 27130                                                         Atlanta, GA  30311

We will do our best to get you out information ASAP! 

Thank you!